PETER MAKEBISH GALLERY is a roving project space, currently located at 126 10th avenue. The work displayed is mostly large-scale paintings with heavy gestural movements and bold colors. Lately the gallery has been very much into sculptures made of stone and steel. To be able to configure the two most sustainable materials constitutes as almighty. The gallery has previously been the first to showcase emerging talents such as Jeremy Deprez, Kika Karadi, Ryan Estep, and Kadar Brock, among others. In 2010 MAKEBISH GALLERY produced a print portfolio with legendary printer Alexander Heinrici titled 'The Re-mix', an offspring project which derived from the gallery's very first exhibition titled " IN DIALOGUE". The gallery also presented a solo exhibition of Paul Kremer's work at SITE 131 in DALLAS in January 2016 , a non-profit gallery headed by Joan Davidow (former DALLAS CONTEMPORARY DIRECTOR). MAKEBISH GALLERY was voted by Artnet among the top ten galleries to see at this year's Dallas Art Fair, 2016. The gallery's clientele is very proud of the wide ranging demographic - from 25 year collectors, to music producers, musicians, actors, film and tv producers , to committee board members at museums , to first time collectors . The gallery strives to be the best and most sincere it can possibly be in all of its business handlings within the structure of the gallery program and the general public at large.

Makebish   126 10th avenue NYC   10011

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